The Menu Upstairs Pancakes Amsterdam


Down below you can take a look at our menu. You will knock your socks of. You won’t believe which types and variation we have in pancakes. Enjoy our pancakes, just from Holland with Love.


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The Menu Upstairs Pancakes Amsterdam

Take a look at our excellent pancakes


* All our sweet pancakes are served with powder/icing sugar and a bit of homemade cream

Icing Sugar 8,00
Lemon juice 9,00
Chocolate sauce 9,00
Chocolate sauce & coconut 10,25
Pineapple 10,25
Sugared ginger 10,25
Banana 10,25
Apple 10,25
Banana & chocolate sauce 11,25
Banana & honey 11,25
Banana & apple 11,25
Apple, raisins & currants 11,25
Apple & chocolate sauce 11,25
Apple & cinnamon 11,25
Warm cherries in jelly 11,25
Cointreau 11,25
Grand Marnier 11,25
Cheese 11,25
Cheese & sugared ginger 12,25
Cheese & tomato 12,25
Cheese & pineapple 12,25
Cheese & apple 12,25
Bacon 11,25
Bacon & cheese 12,25
Bacon & apple 12,25
Bacon & pineapple 12,25
Bacon, cheese & apple 13,00
Bacon, cheese & sugared ginger 13,00
Bacon, cheese & tomato 13,00
Bacon, cheese & pineapple 13,00
Salami & cheese 12,25
Salami, cheese & tomato 13,00
Salami, cheese & pineapple 13,00
Ham & cheese 12,25
Ham, cheese & tomato 13,00
Ham, cheese & pineapple 13,00


The Menu Upstairs Pancakes Amsterdam

Take a look at our Specials

Special Pancakes

Kirsten’s homemade jam 9,50
Seasonal fruitjam made by Kirsten from restaurant Gartine
Sufian 11,75
Banana, cinnamon, sugar & cream
Queen 14,50
Chicken ragout (chicken cooked in cream sauce with mushroom)
Hawaii 14,50
Banana, pineapple, coconut, chocolatesauce & cream
Miranda 15,00
Pear, egg nog, chocolatesauce & cream
Bali 15,00
Banana, Pisang Ambon (bananaliqueur), coconut & cream
King 15,00
Fresh Dutch strawberries & cream
Kai 15,00
Bacon, Brie cheese & honey
Pulled Beef 15,00
Pulled Beef specially made by our butcher


Coffee or Espresso 3,00
Cappuccino or Latté 3,50
Pot of tea for 1 person 3,00
Hot chocolate milk 3,50
Hot chocolate milk with whipped cream 4,00
Hot anise milk 3,50
Coca Cola/Coca Cola Zero/7-Up/Cassis 3,00
Cold chocolate milk 3,00
Cold fresh milk 3,00
Still water/Sparkling water 2,75
Organic apple juice or pear juice 3,50
Organic apple-black currant juice 3,50
Fresh orange juice 3,50
Bottle (1Liter) Still water/Sparkling water 5,75


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What others say

“Small, great atmosphere, here is where you wanna be”

The smallest but most tasty pancake house of Europe. I did like the atmosphere and staff. This pancakes has been freshly made with fresh ingredients

Luis Ernesto

“Delicious pancake and a excellent service”

Great to eat your delicious pancakes in this establishment. It was nice and the personnel more than great. But those strawberries! I’ll be back! “


“Again a delicious and very successful experience. Cosy and personal”

Super nice to go out there. It’s a very little place but we’ve enjoyed it all. Pancakes are delicious. You have to see it to believe it.

Van Egmond Family

“Hidden gem! Nice teapots at the ceiling and great staff”

Small and almost hidden with great staff and a lot of nice little teapots on the ceiling, typical Amsterdam vibe. “



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Upstairs Pancakes Amsterdam
Upstairs Pancakes Amsterdam
Upstairs Pancakes Amsterdam
Upstairs Pancakes Amsterdam